About Legenis

Legenis - "in a snap shot"

Legenis is a company formed to assist people, families and businesses in every part of structured living legacy creation. Legenis is designed to be the leading legacy resource in Australia.

Legenis delivers a totally client-focused process bringing the power of a dynamic structured legacy into focus for the individual. Legenis provides information and guidance about legacies, the creation of legacies and their ongoing maintenance. Legenis aggregates personal development, legal, accounting and financial services under a single brand.

The Legenis business has grown from the research of Dr Robb Musgrave in his PhD: “Creating Personal Legacies”, where he identified the opportunity to build a new business concept that creates enduring legacies for clients.

Impetus for this new business is driven by changes in the financial services industry, compelling financial and tax benefits for our clients and a deep-seated and increasingly unmet emotional need for meaning in the lives of baby boomers in the developed world. 

Our Vision

“Legenis is recognised as a global leader in creating values-driven legacies.”

The Legenis Mission

“To help our clients recognise their important values, beliefs and purpose to create an enduring living legacy that benefits them, their loved ones and the significant interests in their lives.”

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example."

- Benjamin Desraeli


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