Our Values

We spend a lot of time talking about our clients’ values, so we thought it was important to talk about ours. We feel that the core values we have identified resonate with those of our clients, our employees and our partners.

We have structured the business to make sure we live our values as much as we talk about them:

Simple Transparent Communication

The concept, the Legenis business and our operations are communicated, understood and executed with simplicity and transparency.

Ethical Behaviour

Our leaders, people and partners operate fairly, honestly and legally for the best interests of our clients, our business, our partners and our community.

The Power of Story Telling

We communicate and connect with our people and our clients through meaningful stories of truth, wisdom, humour and insight.

Learning and Growth

Ideas, concepts and directions that challenge who we are, how we do things and why we do things are encouraged, recognised and, when suitable, integrated into the business through action learning.

Merit Based Rewards

Action, beliefs and ideas that enhance our capabilities, reinforce our values and move us toward our strategic goals and profitability are recognised.

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