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“When Success Isn’t Enough!”   by Dr Robb Musgrave

When Success Isn't Enough

How to build a living legacy - BUY IT

Radio Interview - Dr Robb on 4BC 15 December 2009

ISBN 978-0-9806165-0-7

Most of us think of legacies in purely financial terms – a monetary gift or a family home. The newly published book, When Success Isn’t Enough! overturns that assumption and shows that it’s our values, not our money, that make us unique, but which also ultimately shape our legacy. Few are remembered for the money alone!

Anyone who has loved and been loved by someone will leave something behind, whether it is tangible or intangible. That might be a memory of a life well lived, a story, a lesson, or an action. In Dr Robb Musgrave’s opinion, “Most of us do not consciously plan how we would like to be remembered or how we will pass on our values, so we are often remembered as something we are not”.

When Success Isn’t Enough! shows how you can ensure your important values can be handed on in a meaningful way. It also suggests ways in which you can identify and really begin living your values, right now. The importance of family and the unprecedented wealth of the Baby Boomer generation are discussed, as are philanthropy, storytelling and the keeping of secrets. The discussion uses real life examples and stories to give it colour and includes exercises and thinking prompts for readers so that they can discover and act on what they read.

For a fantastic view of how you can shape your life and your future, read Dr Robb’s thoroughly engaging book. It will make a difference to how you live your life and to the lives of others.

Robb Musgrave challenges us all to think about the things that really matter.
'When Success Isn't Enough' is a personal and practical guide to how we can restore to the centre of our lives those things that define in substance who we are and what we want to be remembered for.  It is a needed wake up call for the pressures of a contemporary age in which the pursuit of the superficial can overwhelm the more challenging and more rewarding understanding of what matters to us and how we should live, and die, in ways that reflect that truth.
Michael Trail, CEO, Social Ventures Australia

This is a very practical and thoughtful publication dealing with issues that all of us need to consider, particularly in these turbulent times.  Robb Musgrave is to be congratulated for taking the task on and completing it so well.
David Gonski, Chairman of Investec

Robb’s new book, When Success Isn’t Enough, provides a comprehensive set of tools to guide each individual on his or her own archeological dig into the values that result in one’s own living legacy.  From his years of research Rob offers concrete and useful exercises everyone can use to start on their own dig into the history, values, and lessons that result in personal fulfillment and lasting value for future generations.  This book is a must read for anyone young or old, rich or poor, who wants to make his or her life count while on this earth.  I recommend it highly.
Randall J. Ottinger
Author of Beyond Success: Building a personal, financial and philanthropic legacy