Legenis provides consulting and resources to help you serve your affluent clients.

Legenis works nationally with associated lawyers, accountants, financial planners and other service providers using a patent pending process to create structured personal legacies. Services are delivered through expert Legacy consultants.

The Legenis business has grown from the research of Dr Robb Musgrave in his PhD: “Creating Personal Legacies”, where he identified the opportunity to build a new business concept that creates enduring legacies for its clients.

Impetus for this new business is driven by changes in the financial services industry, compelling financial and tax benefits for our clients and a deep-seated and increasingly unmet emotional need for meaning in the lives of baby boomers in the developed world.

Legenis can provide guest presentations in conjunction with legal firms, accounting practices, financial planning groups, banking and financial institutions to familiarise their staff and their clients with Legacy Planning and Advising on Philanthropy to their high-net-worth clients. 

These presentations communicate the benefits of taking a multidisciplinary approach based on the values and objectives of individual clients to create structured living legacies to last through generations. These legacies are constructed to maximise the advantages of legal, financial and tax structures to build the most effective Financial and Social (Philanthropic) legacies.

Legenis partners with professional advisers and their clients to develop multidisciplinary structures for legacy planning and to establish and provide the ongoing administration of Charitable Trusts in the form of Family Foundations (known as Prescribed Private Funds or PPFs), and Public Foundations for corporate entities.

We also offer the online values identification process called valgenics®, as well as books, creative planning tools such as Legacy Questionnaires and the LegacyTree®, an estate and legacy planning journal for families.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." 

- John Quincy Adams