Tell us how you want to live and be remembered, and together we will make it happen.

The easy and unique Legenis process removes the complexity, the stress and the confusion, allowing you to concentrate on what is really important and to make the most of your living legacy for those individuals and organisations you care about.  

We provide innovative approaches to structuring and funding your legacy while integrating the personal, the legal and the financial aspects of your estate plan and legacy. You work with a dedicated consultant who project manages all the aspects of the journey, from discovering your valgenics® (your dominant values) through to briefing third parties and managing all your documents through a centralised vault.

We believe in the team approach to values-based estate and legacy planning and have therefore surrounded ourselves with other professionals around the country who are highly regarded in their fields of law, accounting and investments. Taking a comprehensive value-added approach, ensures that your planning brings together the very best in up-to-date accurate information and provides you with integrated multidisciplinary estate planning solutions.

Remember, life is more than money. Everyone can, and should, experience the power of a structured personal legacy. Not just you, but your family, loved ones and those you wish to assist, perhaps for generations to come.

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Every Structured Living Legacy is unique. Work with us to determine what yours will be.

With even an introductory understanding of what a Structured Living Legacy can be, it is easy to see the immediate advantages, such as it:

  • Establishes control and a sense of personal satisfaction 
  • Helps you define your purpose for a more fulfilling life 
  • Gives you security, generates confidence and provides for your peace of mind 
  • Effectively communicates your personal values and beliefs to your family and loved ones 
  • Enhances your personal relationships, minimising the potential for conflicts 
  • Maximises your financial effectiveness and minimises taxation 
  • Keeps all of your important documents together
  • Ensures all you estate planning needs are met and remain current
  • Provides innovative and sensible solutions that you understand
  • Protects the inheritance of your family
  • Establishes structured charitable involvement to maximise the impact of your giving.


 "The legacy we will leave is not just in our possessions, but in the quality of our lives."

- Billy Graham