Add Value to Your Client’s Lives While Adding Value to Your Business

Achieving philanthropic ideals through charitable funds is gaining momentum in Australia and effective giving is best accomplished in the context of a Financial Plan. When the giving is done with purpose, direction and systematic planning the results can be very powerful.

This type of giving plan uses a structured vehicle such as a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF), the money is accumulated in and distributed from an investment fund and the method of giving is very tax effective. When this strategic long term approach is taken there is plenty of incentive for advisers and their clients.

Why are foundations growing so quickly?

The last decade has witnessed the most rapid growth in the number and size of charitable foundations in our history because wealthy people realise of family foundations are that they:

  • Build character across the generations 
  • Instil and provide a continuance of family values 
  • Provide a lasting family legacy
  • Effectively prepare the next generation for wealth transfer 
  • Keep the family together over the generations like no other initiative 
  • Benefit those most in need while building self-esteem 
  • Grow responsibility and selflessness in family members 
  • Are very tax effective for donors

What are the benefits for advisers?

Encouraging clients to be more philanthropic is good for them, good for you and good for society! 

  • Build 80 year revenue streams with higher risk profiles 
  • Ask the right questions to engage in a values-based discussion 
  • Discover tax-driven solutions that clients can implement today 
  • Insurance policies can provide the funds 
  • Attract and retain more high-net-worth clients 
  • Become the trusted adviser to multigenerational families 
  • Gain upward referrals to even wealthier clients 
  • Take a more multidisciplinary approach and add greater value to the professional services provided

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