Our Foundation Services

 At Legenis we provide the following private and public foundation establishment, administration and grant making services to our foundation clients, while ensuring the most tax efficient structures are in place.


Foundation Leadership & Governance

We help foundation trustees and/or directors understand their obligations and establish policies with regard to conflicts of interest, investments, travel and other expenses.

We help trustees/directors determine an investment risk profile for the foundation and assist with asset allocation, if required.

Legenis facilitates the preparation of ATO applications including trust deed preparation, developing the capital accumulation plan and arrange for necessary stamp duty actions as well as registering the foundation for ABN, ITEC and DGR status.

We assist our family, corporate and association clients establish a foundation to reflect family or organisational values. This will guide the foundation’s mission or purpose, and influence the foundation's capital accumulation and distribution decisions.

We also provide guidance on the necessary secretariat activities for the advisory board.

Operations & Administration

Legenis offers effective systems for accounting and financial management of foundations to ensure compliance with ATO requirements.

Legenis can monitor investment activity and maintain detailed records of expenses and reimbursements, help to track expenses against operating budgets and take steps to ensure payment of reasonable compensation.

These reporting functions include producing compliant reports including assets, liabilities, distributions, CGT savings and audited tax reports.

Grant making

Legenis ensures foundations make charitable grants in compliance with ATO regulations.

Legenis research identifies public charities that are recognised as deductible gift recipients (DGR) and thus qualify to receive foundation funds.

In conjunction with your foundation trustees/directors Legenis can assist with preparing grant application letters with clear appropriate terms and conditions.

Legenis also monitors grant making activities to ensure full fiduciary responsibilities are adhered to and that grants are not made to unqualified bodies.

Your helping hand in charitable foundation philanthropy

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Foundation Establishment

For the provision of initial foundation consulting services which will include: 

  • Setting up the foundation 
  • Advising on the best model based on your philanthropic values, goals and objectives 
  • Advising on administration options on the best way to run the foundation while minimizing administration and compliance requirements for the foundation trustees 
  • Briefing foundation trustees on their role and responsibilities

Ongoing Foundation Administration

Once your foundation has been established, Legenis can offer a comprehensive suite of foundation administration, secretariat, compliance and reporting services to lessen the administration requirements.

The Cost of Foundation Administration Services will be subject to negotiation depending on the range of services required.