Living Legacies


What does a Legacy look like?

Your legacy is personal to you. It is the sum of your life, your personal assets, your legal and tax structures, your financial assets, and beyond the material possessions - it is about who you influenced and whose lives you've touched and how.

Every Structured Living Legacy is unique, what will yours be?

A Legacy is the extension of a person's beliefs, values and philosophies beyond themselves, to their family, loved ones, the community and in extraordinary cases, the world.

 The best way to understand what constitutes a legacy is to think of those who have left important legacies to you. Our research indicates that most people think not of the Nobels, Einsteins and Mandelas on the world stage, but rather that we are influenced by those closest to us. Our grandparents, our parents and other family members, those who have taken the time to communicate, lead and shape us. Take a moment to reflect, is this true for you?

The desire to create, live and leave a legacy of meaning and purpose is as timeless as humankind. This desire taps into our belief that we are part of something larger than just us and our need to live a life of purpose.

Your legacy is personal to you, it is the sum of your life, your personal assets, your financial assets and, beyond the material possessions it is your future, your stories, values, hopes, love, wishes, advice and blessings, yours to experience and pass on if you wish.

“Everyone leaves a legacy in one form or another; but few understand the personal power of living a structured legacy.”

- Dr Robb Musgrave



A living legacy starts today. We make the distinction between legacies and living legacies that are structured, because a meaningful legacy is about your future and what you want to do with it. Living a life of purpose and arranging for that “living legacy” to continue for many years into the future, ensures that a part of you survives beyond your own lifetime.

Is a Legacy about your estate, your savings, your super and the family investments? Or, is it also about communicating your experiences and values (what is important to you) to the ones you love (those who are important to you)?

Begin to create a living legacy now, based on what is vitally important to you and helping those people and things you value, over everyone and everything else.

Legenis takes the concept of a Living Legacy one step further, by adding structure. The unique Legenis process uses your dominant values to create a Legacy Action Plan, your LegacyTree®, that combines and manages all the multidisciplinary services required to create a Structured Living Legacy for you, including:

  • Your dominant values identified and understood
  • Financial plans, an ethical will and legal structures
  • Developing your estate and succession plan
  • Building stronger relationships with your family 
  • Your life story documented 
  • Important documents and investments recorded 
  • Philanthropic involvement and volunteering 
  • Your family foundation established and administered
  • Legacy maintenance as your life changes