Legacy Planning

The Legenis process provides hands-on practical advice and ideas, explains the challenges, how to overcome them and how to start the journey to create your own unique Structured Living Legacy.

Using a consultation process we take individuals and couples through the key steps from discovering your valgenics®, analysing your life through a life reflection activity to uncover the people, stories and events that have been most important in your life, then we explore creative ideas about how to make sure it all comes together.

This includes an introductory discussion of what a Structured Living Legacy is, who can have one, why you would want one and how to go about it. Popular issues such as retirement, family relationships, financial planning, charitable involvement and personal values are explored.

For high net worth individuals who are looking for the next big challenge of their life, we discuss the power of a structured legacy and how to apply one's values, beliefs, interests and philosophies to create a life of significance for yourself, your family, your business, the community. We discuss private and public foundations, family succession planning, how to fund philanthropy and how to grow your life at every age.

We discuss the creative use of Capital Gains Tax issues, how to align values with commercial interests, succession planning, how to manage multidisciplinary advice teams, the family office and other important legal, taxation and personal relationship options.

Family Foundations

These charitable structures are often for families or individuals, who have the means and the desire to create a philanthropic Family Foundation.

We assist the family in determining their core values (the family's valgenics®), how the foundation is to be governed and financed, and how the foundation will make decisions on which activities to support and why.

Family members of all ages can learn and grow through involvement in the family foundation. Legenis will assist in establishing the foundation and once Australian Tax Office approval has been gained, we can go on to administer the foundation providing all of the compliance, recording and reporting requirements.

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Corporate Legacies and Foundations

Legenis works with boards and executive management to assist with understanding the corporate responsibility as well as effective marketing and the personal and corporate benefits that can be achieved with Corporate Legacies and Foundations.

We focus on the values of the organisation and the many ways to maximise the return for the organisation through a Structured Corporate Legacy.

Contact us to understand the value of the Legenis program for your family, organisation or company and discuss how to progress your interest. Or read more at LivingFoundations.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

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