The Legenis business is based on PhD level research, and we have even developed an extraordinary process which helps you clarify your values, helps define your purpose, sets goals and objectives, and delivers the impact you may have only previously envisaged.

Many ask this important question and perhaps the answer will help describe how Legenis is different:

“If Structured Living Legacies are so powerful, then why has no one spoken to me about them before?”

We wondered the same thing and were surprised to discover how few people and organisations had the multidisciplinary skills and the inclination required to create Structured Living Legacies. Existing service providers often specialise in Estate Planning, Wills, Insurance, Personal Development and Succession Planning. Specialists may not talk to each other and may not have the desire to provide integrated solutions.

This has created a historical context in which up until now only the VERY motivated and usually, the VERY wealthy, can manage to create a Structured Living Legacy.

Legenis takes a different approach. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Structured Living Legacy. To do this, Legenis has been developed to service the needs of our clients directly, by working with your specialist advisers to pull your ideas and plans together.

We focus on you, our client, your values and your life goals. We keep it simple for you. Your Legacy consultant is with you all the way, from the beginning through to legacy creation and the ongoing journey, keeping you informed, up-to-date and in control of the entire process.

The services offered by Legenis are based on advice, consulting, administration of legal and family structures and funds management provided by your advisers. If you don't currently have a valued adviser in a particular field we can introduce you to the professional advisers we have partnerd with.

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