Values Based Planning

Your Values, are the Foundation of Your Living Legacy!

Knowing your values and acting in accordance with them provides focus and direction in your planning and your life.

Identifying and then living your values can make a huge difference to your life and those of succeeding generations, including:

• A strong sense of identity for you and your family
• Focus and direction for financial success
• Maintaining good health
• Keeping the family together and assets within the bloodline
• Helping others who are less fortunate, and giving back to society
• Supporting the arts or scientific research
• Achieving a life of purpose, that is balanced and inline with your values.

It is not the number of values that is important, but the strength of their meaning for you. That is why we talk about valgenics®, or your dominant values. Those values that, like your DNA, make you unique!

Legenis makes it easy to discover your unique values with the valgenics® process, which allows you to communicate them to those who are important to you, and to structure a Legacy Action Plan (LegacyTree®) to put your values into action.


Who Creates Legacies?

Steve Irwin - Even if you never met Steve, you knew his values.               Nelson Mandela - A history of standing up for his beliefs and contributing to world change.               Alfred Nobel - A chance event changed his life and created a fabulous legacy.

Bill Gates - Redirected his life and fortunes to create a vibrant living legacy.               Cathy Freeman - Leading people to look at equality and important social issues.               Diana, Princess of Wales - The Queen of Hearts touched people in every part of society.

The Six Value Categories of Life Balance

Are you paying enough attention to each of the six life balance categories?

The Legenis valgenics® process makes it easy to define where you are at, where you want to be and most importantly how you will get there.


"What you value and pass on becomes your legacy."

- Dr Robb Musgrave

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